How to play dominoes: basic rules and recommendations

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"Domino" is a French word for the winter clothing of a clergyman. It was black on the outside and white on the inside. China is considered the birthplace of entertainment. It appeared around the second century BC. the Prototype of dominoes was a game of dice that came to China from India in an earlier period. This game is suitable for all age categories. It develops memory, attention, and logical thinking. How to play dominoes?

Dominoes look like a rectangle, the length of which is equal to the width multiplied by two. In the middle, the figure is divided by a vertical line. Each half shows a different number of points. The game set consists of 28 bones. On sale, you can also find sets of 32 elements. Initially, the chips were made of stone or ivory. Over the centuries, dominoes were made of wood, plastic, and other materials. This made it more accessible to ordinary people.

In children's sets, illustrations of cartoon characters or animals are applied to the knuckles. In Soviet times, dominoes with images of vegetables, fruits and berries were popular. During the game, children memorized the names of different fruits and crops, and learned to think logically.

Classic dominoes are the most common type of game. It is based on the simplest principle: making up the knuckles in such a way that the number of points matches. As a result, a sequential chain is built.

Number of participants

Classic dominoes are designed for pair play. A small group of three or four people can also participate in the entertainment. In the first case, each player is given 7 chips, and in the second-5 knuckles (or stones). The rest are placed on the table with the wrong side. This remainder is called the Bazaar. During the game, the dice are taken from it to continue the round.

How to walk

The first move is given to the one who gets a double six or another double on the descending (if 6:6 hit the Bazaar). If the players do not get any doubles during the hand, they start with the chip that has the maximum amount of points (for example, 6:5). 

How to fight back

The next player needs to put a stone with six dots on it. For example, bone 6:2. If there is no suitable chip, you will have to pull one from the market. This continues until the necessary one appears.


The game ends in two cases. The first – if one of the participants lays out the last stone. The winner is awarded the total number of points of the other players. Usually the game is played up to 200, 300 or 500 points by prior agreement. If the opponent has a 0:0 double left, this is counted as 25 points. If the hands have any other stone, then empty-empty is not counted.

The second case-the move is closed with a double chip, which is proportional to the points of the previous stone. This combination is called "cross" or "fish". The layout is blocked, but the players still have chips. The winner is the one who has the minimum number of points. The difference between the competitors ' points is the winner.

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